Banana Icecream

This has got to be the easiest icecream ever   Its almost instant and very tasty (I promise I am not just saying that because it’s good for you!). It’s also vegan, raw, paleo, refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free so you can cover almost all dietary requirements!  To make it you just need a freezer and a food processor or blender   It sounds too good to be true?  Well prepare to be amazed

You can make this taste creamier by adding a little milk of your choice (oat/soya/almond/cows) and if you make it flavoured with one of the variations from the suggestions I give below,  even those who don’t like bananas will love it.  (Mind you I actually really like it as plain banana).

I usually make it in batches of 6 bananas at a time because that suits my food processor but if you have a smaller blender and want to make lots of different variations, allow two bananas per person. Do remember though some of the variations are not suitable for some dietary requirements so if that’s a consideration make your choice carefully

When I eat it I don’t think of all the benefits because it is so tasty but, on the odd occasion that I am on some sort of health kick I feel pretty smug!!  I can almost feel a red swimsuit coming on as I run over sandy beaches in the sunshine!  And on top of that you can feel pretty thrifty as it uses up really ripe bananas!


  • 4-6 ripe bananas


  1. Peel the bananas and slice into chunks.
  2. Put into freezer bag and freeze until solid
  3. Place frozen bananas into blender/food processor and blitz until creamy. You can add a little milk of your choice should you want it smoother and richer
  4. At this stage it is a soft scoop consistency which you can either eat as is or go onto one of any variations you fancy.  Just blend the different flavours in. Freeze whatever combo you’ve gone for an additional half-an-hour if you want a firmer texture


Really these are as many as you can think of but these ones are some to get you started

  • Chocolate – add a tablespoon of cocoa per banana
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – add a tablespoon of cocoa and a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter
  • Berry – add 25-40g of frozen berries per banana
  • Banoffee – add a tablespoon of dolche de leche per banana. Try adding crushed ginger biscuit crumbs on top as garnish
  • Nut – add a tablespoon of any nut butter you fancy (almond, pistachio, peanut) per banana. A few toasted crumbled nuts on top as a garnish is nice
  • Coffee – add quarter of a teaspoon instant coffee powder per banana. Maybe put chocolate chips on top?
  • Vanilla – add a few drops of vanilla extract per banana
  • Ice lollies – freeze into lolly mounds with sticks and dip into dark chocolate.


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