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Dundee Cake

This Dundee cake is filled with raisins, sultanas, glacé cherries and apricots plump from having been soaked in a mix of sloe gin, sherry and whisky. Don’t by the way worry about the alcohol in this cake as once cooked it’s perfectly ok to drive afterwards or give to kids.  This is a light fruit cake but wonderfully moist and slightly crumbly. Continue reading

Baked Mushroom and Spinach Gnocchi

The smell of gnocchi baking redolent with the tang of cheese and the comforting sweetness of potato is just what you want when coming in from an Autumn evening.  It makes you feel you’ve come home and are about to get a big hug.

If you decide to make your own gnocchi such as the Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi  recipe on this site, then, yes, it does take a bit of time but you can skip that bit and buy them ready-made and start from the bit of the recipe where you begin frying them in butter.  It is still a fabulous dish. Continue reading

Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi

I was never too sure about gnocchi but I have been converted by this recipe. Potato and ricotta combine here to make a light fluffy dumpling perfumed with nutmeg and then fried in lots of butter till they are browned and slightly crispy.  Use them in all sorts of dishes but particularly in the Baked Mushroom and Spinach Gnocchi on this  site Continue reading

Chocolate Earl Grey Cake

If you need a cake or pudding that is easy and delicious for someone who has a gluten intolerance/allergy then look no further. The same applies if they are lactose intolerant

It goes incredibly well with Coffee Icecream or peanut butter icecream for that matter (thank you Lily for your seal of approval on that one!) but is also good with whipped cream if you want to keep it simple Continue reading

Pear and Ginger Cake

The last few days there has been an autumnal nip to the air.  The swallows have left and it feels as though summer might be over   Definitely something warm and comforting is needed to eat but nothing too heavy.  We aren’t in winter yet!    This baked pudding is just the thing with a light ginger sponge topped with toffee, fudgey pears.  Served with thick cream it makes early autumn not seem so bad. “Yum, Scrum, Donkey’s Bum” as we would gleefully shout when we were kids to our parents horror Continue reading

Coffee Icecream

No churn. Just 4 ingredients.  Eats straight from freezer. Has an incredibly smooth and deep coffee flavour.  This is the recipe I get asked for more than any other. It is great on its own (try it scooped in a glass rather than an iced coffee on a hot day) and is superb accompanying a chocolate pudding – particularly my Chocolate Earl Grey Cake as shown here

It really doesn’t seem fair to call this a recipe as it is so easy.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because it only has 4 ingredients it isn’t going to deliver.  It does.  Just don’t be tempted to add an extra bit of coffee or liqueur as it will upset the balance of flavour or texture.  This recipe is seriously good and only takes 5 minutes to make.  It’s one you’ll make it again and again Continue reading

Plum Shrub Fruit Liqueurs – Part 1

We have all heard of Sloe Gin but Plum Shrub?  Plum Shrub is very similar and is absolutely delicious and as a bonus not only do you get to drink the fruity, jewel coloured drink itself but the infused plums make a great pudding.  Serve them with icecream or thick cream or even a rice pudding.  Certain people have been known to have the plums over their breakfast porridge but I shall spare their blushes and not name them  (yes M I know the plums are fruit but ….!!) Continue reading