My Favourite Easter Recipes

Easter is finally with us and we have a four day bank holiday weekend   Yippee!   It’s a time when amongst all the chocolate there is usually some room left for other food and the recipes in this post are some of my favourites for the Easter weekend. Some are traditional, some aren’t.    But there should be one or two that will appeal to you.  Many can be made in advance and it can be nice to have some time to potter about in the kitchen preparing food to share with family and friends, particularly with the radio on.

Let’s hope for good weather despite the forecasts but we if not there is always the prospect of a lie in and another Easter Egg!

1. Hot Cross Buns

A Good Friday staple.  There are great ones available in the shops I know but if you fancy having a go at making your own ….


The recipe is straightforward though a little unusual.  I make the Hot Cross Buns using a jar of mincemeat which makes a more succulent bun.


2. Lamb

Easter seems to be THE time for lamb.  If you fancy something a little bit different to the traditional roast why not try Rack of Lamb with North African Spices with Baba Ganoush which were the first recipes I ever put on this blog.



It is a delicious dish and far nicer than my first attempts at photography show!


3. Easter Lunch Potatoes

If you do opt for a tradional roast how about trying the recipe for  Potato and Leek Al Forno


Potato and Leek Al Forno

It is wonderful with all roasts – particularly lamb – and can be made the day before and reheated for 30 mins whilst the roast rests

4. Vegetarian/Vegan

If you have someone at the table who doesn’t eat meat then there is absolutely no reason why they should miss out.  How about Sri Lankan Veg Curry?  Or Aubergine and Sweet Potato Bake with Walnuts  Or then again there is Chloe’s Ratatouille


Chloe’s Ratatouille


5. Lemon Meringue Pie

With lots of chocolate around And lamb on the menu I confess I can’t resist a tradional Lemon Meringue Pie for pudding.  It reminds me of Home as it used to be one of my mother’s favourites for Sunday lunch and she ALWAYS made it for Easter Sunday lunch


Slice of homemade Lemon Meringue Pie


6. Simnel Cake

The traditional cake for Easter with the marzipan balls on top representing the Apostles minus Judas.   It’s been made in one form or another (earlier versions were boiled as there were no reliable ovens) since medieval times.  Simnel Cake isn’t a difficult recipe to make and this one is baked in an oven!


Simnel Cake

7. Chocolate Biscuit Cake

But if chocolate cake is more your thing AND you don’t fancy doing any baking then try Chocolate Biscuit Cake .


This cake just requires you to melt and stir and leave to set in the fridge.  Easy and delicious!

8.  Iced Stem Ginger Cake

Lastly can I put a plea in for my favourite Iced Stem Ginger Cake


My excuse for including this is that ginger really helps the digestion.  That and it’s gorgeous and I love it. xxx

Happy 🐣



  1. What a great Easter collection!! We are having a big Easter ham here– and my sis is bringing potatoes that I hope are as yummy as yours! I’ve never made hot cross buns– but they do look wonderful. Maybe I can do them Saturday with the grand-girls here. Thanks for always inspiring good cooking clear across the ocean. Your’e the best Rosie! Happy Easter Friend! hugs hugs.

    • Lickthespoon says:

      What a lovely idea to cook these with your grand- girls. I’m sure they will remember doing cooking with grandma for all their lives. And you can tell them all about why the cross is on there too. Hope it goes well. Ps Happy Easter to you and yours too. The ham sounds lovely and I bet the potatoes will be delicious.

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