Rhubarb Gin

We all need cheering up on a Monday and the thought of making Rhubarb Gin to drink at the weekend (ok Sunday) does just that for me!  Ridiculously pink and tasting fresh and springlike this makes for a fabulously different  gin and tonic or a twist on a spritz when topped with Prosecco (or soda water if you are feeling more virtuous or have to drive).  My favourite way to use it though is in a rhubarb martini.   I mix equal parts of the rhubarb gin and juices from roasted rhubarb (see TIPS below) and serve it over ice sharpened with a little lemon juice to taste – I use a good squeeze per glass.  I then eat the roasted rhubarb the next day with yoghurt and granola.  So really you can argue that making rhubarb gin is an essential part of your healthy eating regime! But should you prefer not to roast rhubarb or want to make a few rhubarb martinis you can use the rhubarb syrup recipe (again see TIPS below) as a substitute, again using lemon juice when mixing to taste.


This is the quickest fruit gin I know taking between 6-14 days depending on ambient temperature.  I generally find that in my kitchen it takes just a week!  So you can make it one weekend and be drinking it the next!

Whilst supermarket gin is absolutely right here do try to find the pinkest rhubarb you can as this will produce the final colour.  This year I’ve been using forced rhubarb as it’s still a bit early for rhubarb in my Suffolk garden (and I don’t want to wait any more as I love this) although I know my sister-in-law in Devon already has loads in hers!   If you want to go really pink add a few fresh or frozen redcurrants to boost the colour.   I should mention if you hate gin you can make this into rhubarb vodka just by substituting spirits.

Pour gin over rhubarb and leave to macerate


Ingredients (makes a litre)

  • 400g rhubarb chopped into 2cm pieces (add a few redcurrant if liked)
  • 250g sugar
  • 750cl gin  (supermarket own is fine)


  1. Put rhubarb, sugar and gin in a large jar adding a few redcurrants if you want to boost the colour
  2. Shake periodically over the next few hours until sugar dissolves
  3. Leave to stand out of direct sunlight for the next 6-14 days watching the colour change to pink.
  4. When ready strain into a litre bottle and use in gin and tonics or as above.



To roast 400g rhubarb cut into 2cm lengths and put on baking sheet,  add zest and juice of an orange and sprinkle over 50g caster sugar (use more or less to taste) and roast at 180c for 15-20 mins or until soft but holding its shape.

To make a rhubarb simple syrup simmer together 200g chopped rhubarb, 200g caster and 250ml water for 20 mins until rhubarb is disinterested,  strain through clean cloth, refrigerate and use as required.





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