Strawberry and Pimms Jam

 I love watching Wimbledon when it’s on.   Inspired by that I decided to focus on Strawberries and Pimms, and turn them into a jam.  If you don’t want to use alcohol leave out the Pimms or use elderflower cordial or rose petal syrup

I start this jam the night before letting the sugar draw moisture from the strawberries so that they retain the shape in the finished jam so bear this in mind when you are planning to make it.  The Pimms is added at the very end of jam making and is entirely optional but as it is added at the end when the jam is boiling hot the alcohol content burns off leaving just the taste   


Once you’ve made your jam, leave it for a few days before you try it as I find strawberry jam takes ages longer than other jams to decide how firm it’s going to be in the jar!  If you think it’s too runny for your toast then panic not.  I love it best spooned over vanilla icecream for an instant sundae, stirred into Greek yoghurt and frozen for an amazing Froyo or unfrozen for a delicious breakfast and, drizzled over/under clotted cream on fresh scones.  Yum.


Ingredients (makes 7-8 jars 228ml size)

  • 2kg strawberries
  • 200ml redcurrant juice
  • juice from 2 lemons (approx 80ml)
  • 1kg jam sugar
  • 150ml Pimms


  1. Hull the strawberries, halving any large ones. Place them in your jam making pan
  2. Add the lemon and redcurrant juices and tumble over the sugar.
  3. Cover with a cloth and leave overnight to macerate.
  4. Bring mixture to the boil stirring to dissolve the sugar.
  5. Continue to boil steadily at about 104c for 20-25 mins.
  6. Use the wrinkle test to check the setting point and, when ready, take pan off the heat, skim off any scum, and add the Pimms if using, stirring through.
  7. Wait a further 10 mins before ladling into sterilised jars.


  • Wrinkle Test – Put a small plate in the freezer as the jam starts to boil.  After the initial 20 mins, remove plate and put a small amount of jam on the plate, wait 30 seconds and then test the jam by pushing it gently with your finger.  Taste. If it wrinkles gently then it’s soft set and ready for the Pimms.  If you want the jam firmer, return pan to heat and boil for a further 5 mins and repeat the test.   Continue with boiling and testing until you are happy.  The amount of time can vary considerably according to the water content of the fruit.
  • Sterilising Jars Place clean, washed jars on a baking sheet into a preheated 140c oven and after 5 minutes, turn the oven off.   Use jars directly from the oven for potting up your jam though they can be sterilised up to an hour ahead.


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