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Almond Cake with Orange Curd

  1. This is an absolutely delicious cake.    We are almond mad in this house so it never lasts long.  I admit that it doesn’t look as visually stunning as some but believe me this cake is well worth the making.   It can be served plain with a cup of tea or as a pudding with orange curd (see recipe link Blood Orange Curd and Icecream or use shop bought) and whipped cream or mascarpone.  You can also add toasted flaked almonds to add more texture as I have.    If you need this to be gluten free then gluten free flour works very well instead of the plain flour listed. Continue reading

Croissant White Chocolate and Whisky Pudding

Croissant, White Chocolate and Whisky Pudding!   You really have to try this as it is just a wonderful pudding at any time of the year.  In reality it’s a very smart update on a bread and butter pudding although I suspect far more people will love this.

I always make it part of my Burns Night and St Andrews Day (any excuse).   So why is the pudding suitable for a Scottish celebration?  The croissants are reminiscent of the “Auld Alliance” and are thrifty because you use them when they are one or two days old.  The sultanas are soaked in Whisky (though there is the option to use tea instead should you want to), and the custard is rich with cream and eggs and melted white chocolate  and what Scot doesn’t love sweet and rich puddings?  Then again don’t we all?

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