Blackberry Fool

Blackberry Fool used to be one of my favourite treats towards the end of the Summer Holidays.  We would have been out with a picnic to go blackberry picking and have returned home with lots of blackberries.  Some would be frozen, ready to be used in crumbles later in the year.  Some would be held in the fridge ready to make jam the next day.   But a few, a precious few, would be magicked into a fool for that night’s supper.   Bliss.
We always had extra sauce to put on top of the fool and we always, but always had blackberry fool with Granny’s Shortbread.  I do have to admit that I think one of the reasons we loved this fool so much was because of its amazing colour.   It really is quite something!

If you are vegan this fool works really well with the Elmlea plant based double cream so you need not miss out.  And if you haven’t got blackberries it works well with raspberries or mulberries too.



  • 375 g/13 oz fresh or frozen blackberries, plus a few extra to decorate
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • 100 g/3½ oz caster sugar
  • 300 ml/10 fl oz double  (or plant based Elmlea) cream


  1. Put the blackberries and lemon juice into a pan and heat gently, simmering for 10 minutes. Push the mixture through a sieve into a bowl and let cool. Discard the contents left in the sieve.
  2. Stir in the sugar until dissolved.   You may not need all of it depending on how sweet the blackberries were in the first place.
  3. Whip the cream until fairly thick. Set aside 3 tablespoons of the fruit pulp and juice and fold the remainder into the cream.  At this point I often return to the whisk and beat it some more so it goes back to being thicker. (Careful not to over whip though!).  Spoon the blackberry fool into a serving bowl or individual bowls and chill.  You can do this the night before if you want.
  4. When ready to eat, add a drizzle of the remaining fruit pulp and juice to each serving, top with a few fresh berries and serve with Granny’s Shortbread.

I often add some caramelised almonds which I’ve roughly chopped on the top of this too!

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