I cant remember a time when cooking and eating haven’t played a major part in my life.   From when I was a little girl helping my mother and being rewarded by being given the spoon to lick to today where cooking for friends and family is the backbone of our lives.   We all have a memory of a recipe we loved and when we eat it again it takes us straight back to that time be it a family dish or a special occasion where we ate it in a restaurant or a friend’s house.   I bet you can think of one right now and your mouth is starting to water.

But its hard to find time to fit it all in.   Other things demand our attention.   We don’t find the time to spend in the kitchen and to sit down and eat together.   Maybe we can’t do this every day but every time we do it is special be there two of you or a whole crowd.   Food appeals to all our senses not just taste.   The smell of bread baking or something delicious in the oven makes our mouths water, the gentle “plopping” sound of a pan bubbling on the stove or a kettle whistling, the feel of a ripe peach and the anticipation of what is to come when you favourite dish is set down before you.   My french grandmother always used to say that never marry a man who does not know how to enjoy his food – he will be a “terrible lover” because he will not be sensual.

I am starting this blog because I keep getting asked for recipes.   Most of the things I cook are surprisingly simple yet people do not believe me when I tell them so.   Yes, I do sometimes love to experiment with different techniques and french classics but often what I choose to cook is simple and versatile.   Where I can I will pass on tips and alternatives so you can customize and make things your own to fit with your life and your needs.

Any feedback can only help others to make these recipes and would be much appreciated.


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