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Sticky Chicken with Pineapple and Cucumber Salad

 When you first read the title of this recipe you may find the idea of a pineapple and cucumber salad rather strange – but I promise you it really works and offsets the chicken which is cooked with soy, honey, ginger and chilli.    The pieces of chicken are really succulent and a great contrast to this refreshing simple salad.   I leave the core in on the pineapple when I dice it but you can take it out if you wish.  

In my student days in London, I lived next door to a malaysian girl and she used to make this all the time as it was easy to do in our tiny bedsits.   This is a really  quick recipe in terms of the time it takes you to put together and doesn,t need any fancy cooking equipment.  It is also a recipe that is easy to scale up or down.  

If you dont want to joint the chicken yourself I would get the packs of mixed chicken drumsticks and thighs that the supermarkets sell for about £3 – and you only need a small pineapple – preferably only just ripe or just under (which is just as well as that is all supermarkets seem to have on the shelves!). Continue reading