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Aubergine and Feta Involtini

Griddled aubergine wraps itself around salty feta spiked with mint, baked with tomatoes and topped with melted mozzarella  Yum!

Involtini just means little bundle in Italian; it can be used to describe meat wrapped variations too.  This vegetarian version is a simple dish to make but one I cook time and time again  I find that even people who have issues with the texture of aubergines like them cooked this way as the tomato and mint cut through it.   I particularly love the bursts of sweetness from the raisins and the creaminess of the pinenuts in the filling that are reminders to me of holidays in Sicily and Venice   Involtini makes a great comfort food dish for Meat Free Mondays  I also like the fact you can make it family sized by cooking it in a large dish or make it in individual dishes  – whichever suits Continue reading