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Going for a walk on a Sunday with the dogs on a misty Autumn morning is one of life’s old fashioned pleasures   With luck there are blue skies, autumn leaves and some crab apples or sloes peeking through the hedges.  Simple but timeless pleasures.

Flapjacks. There is nothing to beat the smell of them coming out of the oven.  Buttery, honked and oaty toasty.    Somehow though flapjacks seem out of fashion and not often on offer.   Maybe it’s because flapjacks are seen as being worthily oaty and, if we are going to have that sort of thing, people will go for an energy bar.    Flapjacks are relegated to something that your granny made – and often overbaked -making them so claggy and hard when you bit into them you were afraid that you would need to visit the dentist from a lost tooth or filling. Continue reading