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Galette de Rois

The 6th January means it’s Twelfth Night and all the Christmas decorations must come down.  Something I find rather depressing to be honest  – it feels rather like undoing Christmas   Then I remember that 6th January is actually Epiphany which used to be, in the past, a day of celebration on par with Christmas  Day itself. But most importantly Epiphany to me means Galette de Rois.

This rather unprepossessing “cake” is supposedly made to celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings at Bethlehem.  It actually isn’t a cake as we would think of one, it’s buttery puff pastry filled with almond frangipane cream and, in my version, fresh pears. It really is absolutely yummy.  You need to make one – diets don’t count on feast days after all (I have that on good authority from an Irish clergyman I know) !

In France it is the centre of the main fun of the day.   They serve the Galette with a gold paper crown on top and put a charm in the Galette (a bean or a China figure) and the person who finds it becomes king or queen for the day and wears the crown – and then everyone has to do as they command.  I am sure you can imagine how riotous that could turn out to be – particularly if you are the one wearing the crown! Continue reading