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Marmalade, Cardamon and Pistachio Drizzle Cake

It’s marmalade time and the Seville oranges are already with us in the shops.  There is already a recipe for Seville Orange Marmalade  on this site if you feel the want to make some!  I thought it would be a good time to put on a recipe or two showing things to do with your marmalade other than spreading it on toast or making marmalade sandwiches! I made a start last year with Breakfast Martini  Mind you As I didn’t get any further with my marmalade alternatives it was obviously a bit more potent than I thought

This recipe is essentially a marmalade version of lemon drizzle cake and is full of the middle eastern flavours of pistachio and cardamon and orange blossom water    It is taken from the book Marmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook by Sandra Randell and  I have taken the liberty of tweaking it a very little bit   It is absolutely delicious, quick to make as it uses the all in one method and it is as easy to have a slice with a cup of coffee or tea or to serve with whipped cream/icecream for a pudding.  It is buttery, tangy, spicy and warming all at the same time and it transports easily should you be asked to bring a cake for anything or just need a slice for a packed lunch or picnic

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