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Keely’s Flapjacks

Going for a walk on a Sunday with the dogs on a crisp January morning is one of life’s old fashioned pleasures   With luck there are blue skies, a bit of sparkling frost and the first few snowdrops peeking their noses above the ground.  Bliss.

Flapjacks. Something that’s classed as being old fashioned but doesn’t seem to be held in the same favourable nostalgic light as Sunday walks.  In fact, flapjacks seem generally out of favour in the biscuit tin (itself not often present in modern life).  Maybe it’s because flapjacks are seen as being worthily oaty and difficult to eat and, let’s be honest we often think that if you are going to blow the calories that chocolate Italian biscuit is much more appealing and trendy!   Flapjacks are something that your granny made – and often overbaked -making them so claggy and hard when you bit into them you were afraid that you would need to visit the dentist from a lost tooth or filling. Continue reading