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Vegan Chilli

Yesterday was my Goddaughter’s 29th birthday (Happy Birthday Chloe!!).  She recently became a vegan and is still experimenting with vegan recipes so I thought I’d put on her favourite chilli recipe (followed by the one for Basil and Courgette Cornbread) so that she could make it whenever she wants.

I promise you that this is another of those dishes that doesn’t shout out it’s vegan credentials – it is just really tasty.  You can serve it on top of rice or a baked potato loaded up with thick yoghurt and cheese (vegan or otherwise) and the tomatoey, rounded chilli flavours will make you lick your lips with anticipation.  The roasted and spiced sweet potato flavour just balances the whole thing though if you only have butternut squash use that instead.  In fact adapt this chilli to how it suits you. Use a mix of red and yellow peppers instead of just red.   Add more chillis if you like it hotter.  Replace the red wine with water if you don’t have a bottle open (though I think adding it makes a huge difference). Continue reading