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Thai Mussels with Lime Risotto

I promised myself that this year I would eat more fish.  It’s an ingredient I sometimes struggle with and get a bit stuck on what to do with.

I have, however, made this recipe for Thai Mussels regularly over the last couple of years and I really enjoy it.   The way the mussels are cooked is really a variation on moules mariniere but uses the Thai flavours of lemongrass, coconut, ginger and chilli   Serve this with the rather surprising sounding lime risotto which pairs with the mussels amazingly well and really enforces the Thai influence.  This is an ideal sharing, hands on meal for two and would make a brilliant date night dish  It only takes about 30 mins to make so its quite quick to put together.   The two of you can be sipping wine and chatting whilst stirring the risotto and maybe the other does the mussels so its great for unwinding together

Give it go and surprise yourself with not only how good it is but how easy it is to make

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