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Plum and Walnut Streusel Tart

So many people tell me that they can’t make pastry.   Well this is recipe that allows you to make a walnut and plum tart without making a pastry!  It’s a delicious cheat,

The base and the streusel are made out of the same mix which make by you blitzing all the ingredients for it  together in the food processor and use two thirds pressed into a tart tin to make the “pastry “and the rest is then sprinkled on top of the fruit filling for the streusel.   The toasty, nutty smell as it comes out the oven will have everyone wanting a piece and it’s agony waiting for ten minutes so it’s cool enough to cut.

I have chosen plum and walnut for this version because it feels very autumnal but you could ring the changes and swap combos about a bit. For summer say apricot and almond?  Or how about apple and pecan for winter?!  Serve the tart with cream, custard or icecream (or all three lol) and watch everyone devour it!! Continue reading