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Passionate about food and eating well I have been cooking all my life. I like to know where my food comes from and try to source responsibly. I grow as much as I can and eat seasonally. Food to me is about sharing and showing that you care.

Sticky Chicken with Pineapple and Cucumber Salad

 When you first read the title of this recipe you may find the idea of a pineapple and cucumber salad rather strange – but I promise you it really works and offsets the chicken which is cooked with soy, honey, ginger and chilli.    The pieces of chicken are really succulent and a great contrast to this refreshing simple salad.   I leave the core in on the pineapple when I dice it but you can take it out if you wish.  

In my student days in London, I lived next door to a malaysian girl and she used to make this all the time as it was easy to do in our tiny bedsits.   This is a really  quick recipe in terms of the time it takes you to put together and doesn,t need any fancy cooking equipment.  It is also a recipe that is easy to scale up or down.  

If you dont want to joint the chicken yourself I would get the packs of mixed chicken drumsticks and thighs that the supermarkets sell for about £3 – and you only need a small pineapple – preferably only just ripe or just under (which is just as well as that is all supermarkets seem to have on the shelves!). Continue reading

Baba Ganoush

Legend has it that this dip was invented by a member of the royal harem.   The arabic term means “pampered papa”!!  It is a wonderful smokey and creamy dip – charring of the aubergine skin adds the smokey taste that this dip is famous for.  Wonderful with the Rack of Lamb with North African Spices but see below  under Tips and Alternatives for other suggestions.

I always make this the night before to let flavours develop although this isn’t essential although it does help if you want to get ahead.  Continue reading

Rack of Lamb with North African Spices

Tender lamb marinated  (here we have used rack of lamb but see suggestions for other cuts under ingredients) the day before in fragrant, warming north african spices that everyone will love because there is no chilli heat.   Serve it with a wonderful smokey, creamy aubergine baba ganoush.

Continue reading

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